LaVar Ball has really started to make many people in the NBA nervous about touching his sons when they reach the NBA Draft. Ball has compared his sons to other NBA stars, even saying that his son Lonzo Ball will be better than Steph Curry. Most recently, he stepped over the line and ESPN reports that he brought on the wrath of LeBron James.

What did LaVar Ball say?

When looking at what LaVar Ball said that was controversial, it is easy to pick out hot button quotes over the last month. The one in question had LaVar talk about how strong his sons will be when they reach the NBA, claiming that kids whose dads were not great are the most successful - pointing out Kobe Bryant as an example.

He then said that his kids have a better chance to make it than the sons of LeBron James. LeBron has two sons who both play basketball, one is 12 and the second is nine. LeBron James Jr. already has a standing verbal scholarship to both Duke and Kentucky. However, LaVar said that the two boys will never match up to their father's reputation in the NBA and shouldn't be expected to. However, LaVar feels his sons will all be huge NBA stars, with Lonzo Ball possibly an early first round pick in this year's NBA Draft. This also flies in the face of LaVar claiming at one time that he could "kill" Michael Jordan in a game of one-on-one in his prime.

How did LeBron James respond?

LeBron James was not happy to hear the comments.

As expected, James didn't mind so much that LaVar Ball was building his brand and his son's brands, which is how he describes his constant talk. LeBron even said that he likes Lonzo Ball and thinks he will be a good NBA player. However, when it comes to LaVar, he said that he needs to keep his family and son's names out of his mouth.

LeBron even said that LaVar can talk about him if he wants but his family and sons are off-limits. This falls in line with something that some anonymous executives have said. While they can't speak on record because of NBA rules over prospects, some have said that there is fear that an outspoken father like LaCar Ball might be more risk than Lonzo Ball offers to a team.