Many weren't entirely sure what to do about the Grammys on Sunday night as some performances were great, some were good, and some were just weird. Beyonce drew a lot of attention, while Metallica and Lady Gaga had some technical issues. Adele paid tribute to George Michael. Then, awards were handed out. The whole night was interesting, but then, it turned magical as Bruno Mars stepped out on stage to pay tribute to the late Prince.

Bruno Mars absolutely stole the night

There is little doubt that there were many great performances at the Grammys, but it is hard for anyone to have topped him.

Bruno Mars stepped out on the stage and he was decked out in a purple suit and a guitar that looked just like one the iconic musician would have spit fire from. On this night, the stage belonged to Mars and he honored Prince in the best way possible.

The opening dialogue for "Let's Go Crazy" echoed throughout the auditorium as Prince's symbol glowed in the darkness. Once it was over, Mars stepped out on stage and proceeded to not only look like Prince, but he sounded just like him too. It was a bit creepy, but it was so perfectly done that it is hard to find any fault at all with the performance.

Prince will obviously never be forgotten

The Grammys were the perfect place to pay tribute to the great talents who were recently lost.

Adele had some issues with hearing the music and even stopped her tribute to George Michael after about three minutes because it wasn't right. She apologized to the live audience in attendance and at home, and then, she had the live band start over so that she could do it right.

Later in the night, Metallica and Lady Gaga performed together, but that tandem had issues of their own.

One of the microphones didn't work for the first half of the set, but then, it finally kicked on. A minute or two after that, Lady Gaga almost tripped over a fallen microphone stand and was in danger of falling into the shooting flames.

Then, Bruno Mars came out onto the stage and put on a flawless performance. His tribute to Prince made the Grammys complete even though it didn't finish out the show, as it rightfully could, and should have done.