When The Shield broke up, WWE fans thought that all three members would end up being huge stars. While that has been true, it is a bit obvious that Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have succeeded a bit more on "Monday Night Raw." Well, it isn't that Dean Ambrose has done poorly on "SmackDown LIVE," but he certainly isn't seen at the same level as his two former brothers.

Rollins and Reigns have each had multiple world title reigns while constantly being involved in the main event scene. Over on Tuesday nights, WWE officials haven't seen Ambrose in much the same light, but there is one person with a lot of power who has his back.

Dean Ambrose has the faith of Vince McMahon on his side

For a while now, "SmackDown LIVE" officials have flip-flopped with putting the Intercontinental Title on Dean Ambrose. They had doubts that he could survive in the main event scene and felt as if putting a mid-card title on him would hurt his reputation and standing even more. Well, Ambrose ended up winning the title from The Miz, and there is a very good reason for that.

Vince McMahon has a lot of faith in Ambrose and feels as if the "Lunatic Fringe" has a lot of potential in WWE. Knowing that Vince is on his side, the IC Title was put on Ambrose and now, he's seen as the second highest champion on "SmackDown LIVE." The sky is the limit for the former member of The Shield, and another world title reign is not out of the question with Vinnie Mac watching his back.

Possible huge Intercontinental Title match planned for 'WrestleMania 33'

Dean Ambrose will not be defending the Intercontinental Title at the "Royal Rumble," and that is because he is in the big battle royal. After that event, he may very well continue his feud with The Miz, and it's possible that he could hold onto the Intercontinental Title all the way to "WrestleMania 33" in Orlando in early April.

Rumors are going around that Ambrose will not only hold the title until that pay-per-view but through the event, and for a long time after. With that being said, Ambrose is likely going to have a huge title defense at "WrestleMania," and one possible option is Shane McMahon.