The Washington Redskins have been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. First, free agent Kirk Cousins and the Redskins engaged in a contract standoff that eventually resulted in a franchise tag. Kirk Cousins denied that there was ever any argument, but that could have easily been a marketing ploy. Then the Redskins fired general manager Scot McCloughan, who had an undisclosed alcohol issue. Washington was left with no GM and will now need to look for a replacement. But today, the Redskins are in the news for a different reason.

Rule Proposal.

The Washington Redskins have already proposed a rule to the NFL that would benefit kicker Dustin Hopkins. In more recent news, the Redskins have submitted another rule change, this time involving their uniforms. It is common practice for teams in the NFL to wear these Color Rush uniforms on "Thursday Night Football." This year, it doesn't look like the Redskins are willing to comply.

The Redskins believe that the uniforms are too "garish" and said as much on Twitter.

The Redskins aren't afraid to be the one team that takes on the huge NFL promotional program.

And there are some awesome Color Rush uniforms! But the Redskins front office and their team clearly feel like these jerseys don't fall under that category.

NFL Color Rush

The NFL partnered with Nike to make the promotion of these games on Thursday night a reality. Nike's objective is to sell the flashier colored jerseys as progressive and generate interest among consumers for them.

The promotion has been a mixed bag so far.

There's no question that the promotion has generated plenty of attention, but there's also no question that a majority of that attention has been negative. The Washington Redskins aren't the only team in the NFL suffering from a ridiculous look thanks to the "Color Rush." When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played the St.

Louis Rams, the two teams were mocked for looking like ketchup and mustard. When the Bills wore all red jerseys against an all green Jets team, colorblind people struggled to understand what was going on.

Even with all these issues, the proposed rule change from the Redskins isn't likely to succeed and they probably will have to wear those "garish" uniforms in 2017.