Tom Brady just wanted his jersey back - it wasn't too much to ask. Shortly after the Super Bowl ended, somebody made off with his game-worn jersey, which he complained about almost immediately, and rightfully so. The manhunt for the jersey was long and winding, but it appears the journey has finally come to an end and it will make its way back to the rightful owner.

Locating the missing threads

Seemingly every law enforcement imaginable was in on the hunt for the jersey. The NFL was on the hunt, the Houston police department was searching - even the FBI and the Texas Rangers (not the baseball team) got involved.

The Houston police even claimed that the Super Bowl theft could be considered a first-class felony, and that one would value the Tom Brady threads from the game at $500,000.

The FBI helped to make the ultimate break in the case, with the help of the Houston police and authorities in Mexico - that's right, the jersey crossed into foreign soil. An unidentified measure of the international press took the Tom Brady apparel from the Super Bowl and went home with it. It's unclear at the moment whether the theft was accidental or intentional, but with the highly-publicized search, it's likely the media member had some bad intentions.

The jersey shouldn't return to Brady

While Brady was upset with the jersey theft in the moments after the Super Bowl, he shouldn't necessarily accept its return to him.

It is his to own, but it may belong somewhere greater: Canton, Ohio, the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, would be a great place for it to reside for the rest of time.

Brady just capped arguably his most impressive season under the specter of a controversial suspension. He won his fifth Super Bowl and fourth Super Bowl MVP award, the most in NFL history.

His legacy as the greatest player in league history is all but assured. It would be fitting if the jersey he wore to break countless records and assert himself on top of the historic football pyramid landed in the Hall of Fame.