New England Patriots QB Tom Brady's jersey may not have been stolen after all. After reporting it missing from the locker room after winning Super Bowl 51 on Sunday, it turns out that a thief didn't make off with it and it probably won't be showing up for sale on eBay.

Just days after Houston police told reporters that they put their top investigators on the Tom Brady stolen jersey case, MSN Sports reports that it's probably sitting on an 18-wheeler truck with other team gear that's headed to the Patriots home base in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Wait, Tom's jersey wasn't stolen?

Although authorities haven't confirmed that the jersey Tom Brady wore during the Pats vs Falcons Super Bowl game on Sunday, there is speculation that someone in the locker room at NRG Stadium may have picked up the jersey with other items while Tom was away from his bag taking his eye black off. Bags and equipment were packed up and put on a truck that was used to transport the team's belongings back to Massachusetts on Sunday and TMZ reports that no one searched the truck when Tom reported that his jersey was missing.

Caught on tape?

MSN Sports reports that there are no video cameras inside the locker rooms at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. If there were cameras, the police would have been able to identify the person who stole Tom's jersey — if it actually was stolen.

If TMZ's report about the truck pans out, then the cameras may have recorded someone from the Patriots staff picking up equipment and toting it out to the truck. That would put an end to the mystery and give the "top investigators" from the Houston police a big break so they could move on and focus on bigger crimes.

Brady celebrates in Boston

Despite being bummed out about his missing jersey, Tom Brady joined his teammates in Boston on Tuesday at a celebratory parade that drew massive crowds. Even a little snow didn't stop Patriots fans from lining the streets of the city to cheer on Brady and his teammates who shouted "1-2-3-4-5" to signify their fifth Super Bowl win.