When the New England Patriots made the big trade for Brandin Cooks, it seemed as though there were too many relievers on the roster. Many people believed that trade meant that Danny Amendola was headed out of town. It turns out the Patriots might be working on a way to keep the cult hero.

According to ESPN, the Patriots might still be working on a deal that would rework Amendola's contract. If the receiver agrees to the way the team wants to rework the deal, New England could still be Amendola's home.

New England Patriots trying to find a way

It's been a while since Danny Amendola has put up gaudy numbers for the Patriots.

At the same time, he's one of those players that fans would be quite unhappy about should he leave. The wide receiver is one of those that underlined how Tom Brady and company were able to transform themselves into the juggernaut they have become.

At the same time, the Patriots don't have unlimited resources. The salary cap is always going to get in the way of signing players for nostalgic reasons. The team knows it still needs to focus on defense and it has to take top priority over bringing back a rather redundant player on the roster.

Shining in the spotlight

One of the reasons the Pats are looking to bring back Amendola is that he tends to step up in the biggest of big games. He might not be putting up an insane amount of numbers during the regular season, but his numbers in the postseason are eye-popping.

The New England Patriots know what Amendola has brought to the table and it's why the team is bending over backwards to bring him back.

In the last two Super Bowls the Patriots have won, Amendola has caught 13 passes for 126 yards, two touchdowns, and a very important two-point conversion. Those are the good points. His cap hit of $6 million is why there needs to be a reworking of the deal. The fact that he's going to be the fourth option, at best is why that cap hit is simply not acceptable. While New England is going to be looking to find a new deal, his return is far from certain.