From shoes to clothing, College Athletes get everything free of charge from their team sponsors. It was revealed in the New York Times that lucrative sponsorship deals provide the Players with anything they want.

The players revealed that they are not allowed to sell the items they receive. However, they are permitted to give them away to family members or friends. Sometimes, they are given more clothing and shoes than they can wear in a season.

The perks of being an athlete

Stilman White, a senior guard for the North Carolina college basketball team, revealed some of the perks that come with playing College Basketball.

Their sponsors issue them more shirts, sweatpants, and shoes than they can wear. Nike, Adidas and Under Armour are among some of the many brands which sponsor college basketball. For them, the players are walking billboards. The more clothing items they hand out, the more likely it is that one of the players will wear their brand. On the other hand, most athletes have a hard time finding shoes and clothes that fit, so custom-made gear comes in handy.

White revealed that his family often asks him for free shoes or clothes. "Oh, people are always asking for stuff. It’s a weekly thing, to be honest," he said. Dillon Pulliam, a sophomore guard at Kentucky, says that some of his friends request very specific items which are only given to athletes.

For example, the custom-made Nike Kobe 11s are coveted by many.

No financial compensation

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has made it clear that college athletes cannot be paid with money. This is due to the fact that the players are still amateurs, and most of them are recipients of scholarships.

The sports gear the athletes receive for free is often very expensive and sought after.

Brent Hibbitts, a player from Michigan, once stood in line for ten hours during a blizzard just to buy the latest Jordans. Today, stacks of brand new sneakers await the players in their lockers. For example. this season Adidas provided each U.C.L.A. player with more than 15 pairs of sneakers.