Former Nebraska Football quarterback Tommy Armstrong wants to get to the NFL. Armstrong is well aware of the fact he's not going to get to play professional football as a quarterback. To that end, the four-year starter at Nebraska has been showing off his other athletic abilities in order to try and gain interest from teams who might be willing to try him out at running back or receiver.

At least one analyst believes Armstrong might be getting that attention after testing rather well at the Nebraska football pro day.'s Gil Brandt wrote in his own blog that Tommy tested "incredibly well." Brandt pointed to his 40 times as perhaps the most impressive and even floated a brand new position Armstrong might take a look at.

'He won't be a quarterback'

Brandt also noted that the former Nebraska football quarterback will absolutely not get any looks or any chances to play quarterback in the NFL. Armstrong has long known he wasn't going to be playing any kind of Kordell Stewart level "slash" position. Instead of Stewart, it appears Tommy should look to be more like Julian Edelman. Make a name for yourself in a completely different way.

Brandt was also quite impressed by other measurables from the former Nebraska football player. With 4.59 and 4.55 seconds in the 40 yard dash, a 37.5-inch vertical, and a 6.76 three-cone speed, Tommy showed enough athleticism to get positive looks.

Defense might be Tommy Armstrong's final home

The former Nebraska football quarterback has so far mostly been mentioned as a running back or wide receiver. Brandt talked about those positions being a possibility as well. The problem, when it comes to the NFL is those 40 times are more than a little pedestrian for either of those position.

Instead, Brandt made the comment that Armstrong might think about trying to make an NFL roster as a safety. If Tommy does go that route, it should be pointed out he could get some pointers from former Nebraska football teammate who is trying to make the league himself. Nate Gerry might be an asset if Armstrong does decide to go the defensive route.