ESPN continues to have a bit of a love affair with the Nebraska Football team's pass defense. The odd thing about the sports giant loving the Huskers' secondary so much is that there are few people in the state of Nebraska who would admit to being as optimistic about the defensive unit. Less than two weeks ago, ESPN announced that the Nebraska secondary was one of the "best of the best" when it came to the Big Ten. With that in mind, it shouldn't be all that surprising that when they were breaking down all the teams' biggest strengths, the Huskers' pass defense was pegged

New offensive faces pointed out as well

When it comes to Nebraska football, it should be pointed out that ESPN might have chosen the pass defense because there isn't much else to choose from.

The offense wasn't particularly good this past season for the Huskers. With a brand new quarterback at the helm, no matter who Mike Riley picks, it's a safe bet that there will be some growing pains.

The running game is going to be in upheaval in Nebraska as well. Terrell Newby who was the starting running back last year and he has graduated. Now the team will need to find a body to take over that role. While the Nebraska football team has some able-bodied players who can fill the void, they certainly haven't stepped up and shown that the running backs are a strength of the team yet.

Bob Diaco and the pass defense

New Nebraska defensive coordinator Bob Diaco is going to have his hands full with the defense.

The front seven is shaky enough that ESPN pointed out the defensive line especially as a potential weakness for the Cornhuskers. With the change to the 3-4, there's a chance that the defense is going to have to hope some lockdown corners are going to be able to bail out the squad until the linebackers and defensive line can figure things out.

The Nebraska football team is going to need their pass defense to look an awful lot like it did in the first seven games if the Cornhuskers want to find success. Nebraska's pass defense fell apart in the second half of the year which is the entire reason why Bob Diaco is now here.