Real Madrid will have to face Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League. No one was expecting this but the matches have been released and Real Madrid will will travel to Germany in the next UEFA champions league's chapter. As we all know Bayern Munich is one of those teams that always reaches the final stage in the Champions league and now to get that they will have to defeat the actual champion.

Who is favorite?

When two of the biggest teams around the world face each other, it is a little bit difficult to choose a favorite one, both teams are full of elite players, Real Madrid does not want to lose the chance of getting another Champions League title and Bayern Munich wants to show its power sending home the most laureate football club en Europe.

It does not matter who is going to win this fight, the winner will accomplish an important victory and it is going to be a total failure for the loser team. Although Real Madrid is the actual champion, the German team is going through a really good stage of the season with the majority of the players available to face this match.

The BBC against Manuel Neuer

One of the Most important things about Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich will be the epic fight between the BBC and Manuel Neuer. Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema are one of the most threatening big three that the world has seen, they will be responsible to face Manuel Neuer who is the best goalkeeper in the world. Manuel Neuer was the last goalkeeper nominated for the Ballon d'or and Cristiano Ronaldo won the last one.

Bayern Munich's defense is Commanded by Jerome Boateng an incredible defender and maybe the best in the world. Real Madrid's attack is unique but the Bayern Munich defense is a wall, the santiago Bernabeu will be a really Battlefield where only one team can get the victory.

The show is guaranteed for the next chapter of the UEFA champions league, not only because of the Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich but also because we will have another exciting match with Barcelona facing the Juve similar to the final game of 2015.