Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Greg Manusky has been around the block a time or two. That's why the man who started his coaching career in Washington and is now back again 15 years later is confident his approach is going to work this time around.

Manusky recently sat down for an ESPN radio interview with "Kevin and Cooley" where he talked about how he thinks his defensive approach and the players the Redskins have on the squad is going to make for a great mix. Among other features, Manusky thinks the team will benefit from understanding the 3-4 defense but with his special touch.

The Washington Redskins' pressure guy

Greg Manusky considers himself a "pressure guy." That means the defensive coordinator likes to go after the quarterback as often as he possibly can and that means things will likely be a bit different in Washington. During the interview, Manusky talked about the mistakes he made in his last stop as defensive coordinator at Indianapolis.

Manusky said he spent two much time focusing on two minute situations and third down. as the Washington Redskins' defensive coordinator he's going to take a slightly different approach. "You learn over the years how to attack the protections that teams were giving you. I’m going to try to put the guys in the best position possible to defeat their man and make a play.” He said.

Work in progress

The Washington Redskins still don't have their defense entirely set. While they haven't exactly set the football world on fire with their free agent signings, there have been new additions. It's a safe bet the team will also be looking to draft some high-end talent in the draft for Manusky to work with.

There has been talk Washington will be looking to draft a nose tackle with their first or second round picks.

That would be the kind of player the Redskins' defensive coordinator would love to work with as he shapes his new look defense. The cupboard isn't bare but there's definitely going to be some work to do, both with Washington Redskins veterans and recent signings.