The ongoing season of men's tennis is about to put away another phenomenal chapter with Indian Wells singles final as the cherry on top off all things. A staggering week and a half eventually led to a 100 % Swiss final having Stan Wawrinka (3 ATP) taking on Roger Federer (10 ATP) in what's going to be a replay of one of this year's Australian Open semifinals. Two of the finest ATP players at the time being, Federer and Wawrinka competing against each other in the final, they ensure a serious display of high-quality tennis.

Federer crave for a 5th title at Indian Wells

Roger Federer, 18 times Grand Slam singles champion, is having another tremendous run on the outdoor hard. His latest victim, Jack Sock had no response to a perfect game from the Swiss. Despite the heat and dryness, Federer literally waltzed all over the central tennis court. His age seems to have become not a limitation but a mere way to enjoy every tennis match he has left on the professional circuit. After missing last year's edition of Indian Wells due to that knee injury, Federer came back with such a style. A blistering tennis output gives him the opportunity to prevail for the 5th time in the desert. Federer pulled out the winning ticket back in 2004, '05, '06 and 2012.

It won't easy to do so as on the other side of the net will stand Stan Wawrinka who is a guy everyone might wanna avoid especially in a high-stake final.

Wawrinka seeks his maiden Indian Wells title

The current no. 1 Swiss and the world no. 3, Stan Wawrinka will have the chance to cap a tremendous week. Unlike Federer, Wawrinka had to put in a serious amount of resources in order to catch a spot in the final act.

Against Thiem or Nishioka he was on the verge of collapse but somehow he bounced back in front. Reaching the final is also his best achievement so far at Indian Wells. Moreover, with nearly 3 months of the season already down the sink, Wawrinka will enjoy his first title in 2017 but he must oust Federer. Since 2016 US Open stunning success, Wawrinka's game has been following an unpredictable flow.

In head to head stats, Federer leads Wawrinka with 19-3 overall. A discouraging stat for the undergod. Those 3 wins over Federer, all of them came while playing on a clay court. Even so, Wawrinka pushed Federer in a 5 sets battle earlier this year in Melbourne's semis.