Cleveland Cavaliers are on a 3-game Losing Streak, and they have a negative record in March. This month, the Cavs are only 8-10, which is one of the worst records in the entire NBA. "We're in a bad spot right now. Not disappointed with the effort, just in a bad spot, gotta try to figure it out," LeBron James said after the frustrating loss to the Chicago Bulls.

James gave his maximum effort and was undoubtedly the best player on his team, but his teammates didn't help him much. The Cavaliers are indeed in a bad spot, and their clock is ticking. With only two more weeks until the playoffs, they don't have much time to figure things out, and that could cost them a lot.

Cleveland Cavaliers are in decline

It has become painfully obvious that the Cleveland Cavaliers are not the same team they were a few months ago, and their losing streak is another proof of it. Their defense is nonexistent, and they seemingly don't even try hard enough to beat their opponents. The Cavaliers are in decline, and the best testament of their decline is the poor record they posted in March.

Chicago Bulls just finished their regular-season sweep of the Cavaliers, sending them down to the second seed. The Cavs didn't do any better in their previous games either, as they were blown out by the San Antonio Spurs and the Washington Wizards.

Will they bounce back?

LeBron James is aware that the Cavaliers do not have the luxury of time and that they have to figure things out quickly.

"Tomorrow's another day, another opportunity. But we got some work to do, and we don't have a lot of time," said James, when talking about the upcoming schedule. Cleveland will host the Philadelphia 76ers Friday night, and they will end this unfortunate month with that game. Hopefully, they won't lose another game and make their record even worse.

It is not certain whether the Cavaliers can bounce back and get out of the slump, as their weaknesses have been exposed lately. Boston Celtics are on the rise, and if they get the first seed, they would have a huge advantage over Cleveland. Considering that the Cavaliers are 19-19 on the road this season, the Celtics would benefit a lot from the first seed, and they could put an end to LeBron James' streak of six straight NBA finals.