LeBron James has agreed to sign an endorsement deal to become an official partner of Intel Corporation. The technology company will feature the Cleveland Cavaliers star in a humorous commercial that will broadcast through Intel's 360-degree replay technology during the Final Four games, which takes place on Saturday at the University of Phoenix in Glendale, Arizona.

The financial terms of the deal were not available at the time.

As the video displays on YouTube, a 30-second advertisement "Baby Face" spotlights James taking a three point shot and making it prior to the buzzer.

The 360 replay technology captures an attention-grabbing highlight of James who hit a buzzer-beater to win a game and eventually hugged his teammates with his overwhelmed emotion and joy as well as his teary-eyed baby face.

"By featuring LeBron in our marketing, we draw a parallel between our high-performance brand and this high-performing athlete, while showing how Intel technology can deliver a sports experience like no other," Steve Fund, Intel's senior vice president and chief marketing officer, said in a statement.

Broadcasters use Intel's 360 replay technology to provide fans' access to sporting event

The broadcasters such as CBS intend to provide fans with access to Intel's replay 360 technology throughout the Final Four games.

Similarly, the FOX provided viewers with access to Super Bowl LI action through replay technology. The Intel will install 28 cameras that broadcast in 5K to achieve the new-age version of the feature, according to ESPN.

A source with knowledge of the deal disclosed the information with ESPN on Thursday that James expressed a great appreciation to Intel, arguably the most powerful company in the computer industry, for reaching out to him and making a deal.

The three-time NBA champion was not able to make deals with public companies that didn't offer a share on the table, according to a report.

James has previously inked endorsement deals with tech companies such as Samsung and Microsoft. He generated a $30 million profit when Beats by Dre sold to Apple in 2014.

The Intel Survey: 'Maximize March Madness'

The survey, created by Turnkey Intelligence Research on behalf of Intel Corporation, indicated that college basketball fans use new technologies to maximize their viewing options to watch their favorite teams.

The "Maximize March Madness" survey showed that vast majority of fans watch college basketball games at home. Respondents (63%) believe more technology would make the viewing experience better. Respondents (89%) who have experienced a sporting event in VR rated it as positive. Approximately 80 percent of college basketball fans said they would pay $10 to watch 2017 Championship Games in virtual reality from a front-row perspective. Sports fans (90%) believe 360-degree replays and VR will enhance the viewing experience.

The survey was completed online by 493 U.S. adults who are college basketball fans.

Technology company makes a big influence on sports broadcasting in virtual reality

Intel has partnered with world-class athletes, including 28-time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps and New England quarterback Tom Brady. The tech giant has featured Brady in a 30-second advertisement that aired the four-time most valuable player waking up in the morning, bushing teeth and eating breakfast on Fox Broadcast early February 2017.

The significant impact of the technology company on the broadcasting of the Final Four games in virtual reality becomes greater. The tech company continues to acquire sports as well as athletes for marketing tools to grow the perception of the brand.