The Washington Redskins signed yet another wide receiver in Brandon Quick on Friday. The good news is that the receiver had his best season of his NFL career in 2016. The bad news, especially for Redskins fans, is that the team still doesn't really have a top of the line, go to receiver on the roster. After letting Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson go the free agency route, the team has signed Terrelle Pryor and Quick. Both players could end up being nice pieces, but neither is going to make Redskins opponents quite in their cleats.

The Washington Redskins are going for quantity

Right now, the Washington Redskins have nine receivers on the roster. Jamison Crowder, Reggie Diggs, Josh Doctson, Ryan Grant, Maurice Harris, Matt Hazel, Terrelle Pryor, Brian Quick and Kendal Thompson are all decent players. Of the group, only Terrelle Pryor has ever had 70 or more catches in a season. That season Pryor did it was 2016 and it was the first time he's hauled in more than one catch in a season. In other words, while the Redskins might be looking at Pryor to be the team's number one receiver, there's a better than average chance we're going to see a bit of a dropoff from the former quarterback.

Big bodied receivers and the Washington Redskins attack

If there is one positive to what the Redskins are doing in their approach to wide receiver, it's that they are going after big-bodied targets. Brian Quick, the most recent signing, stands at 6-3 and even lined up at tight end a bit last year. That helped him have his best season, hauling down 41 catches for 564 yards.

Terrelle Pryor and Reggie Diggs are both measured at 6-4. In fact, only Matt Hazel (6-1), Ryan Grant (6-0) and Jamison Crowder (5-8) are under 6-2 on the roster. It should be pointed out Crowder had a pretty good season with the Washington Redskins, catching 67 passes for 647 yards. It appears the team has a plan for what it wants to do with its receiver corps. Whether that plan can come to fruition without a true number one receiver is something we'll just have to wait and see on.