One day after losing their two top wide receivers on the opening day of free agency, the Washington Redskins signed former Cleveland Browns wide-out Terrelle Pryor Sr. Pryor, 27, will give the Redskins a fast receiver (4.38 forty yard dash) with nice size (6-4, 223 pounds) coming off a 1000 yard season in his first year as a receiver. The deal Pryor signed to play in Washington is an obvious “prove it” one-year contract for $8 million.

Pryor began his career as a quarterback with the Oakland Raiders after being drafted in the third round of the 2011 supplemental draft.

After only starting ten games in three years in Oakland, he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks and had offseason stints with the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals before switching to wide receiver in 2015 while with the Browns.

Pryor will play a major role in the Redskins offense in 2017

In Pryor’s first season as a receiver, he collected 77 catches for 1007 yards and four touchdowns while dealing with a problematic Browns quarterback situation.

Pryor will join Josh Doctson (6-2) as the two tallest receivers to play in Washington in some time. Add tight ends Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis to the mix and you have four targets over 6-2, with the possibility of having Jamison Crowder coming out of the slot as well.

That’s plenty of weapons for whoever the Redskins quarterback is in September to feel more than comfortable with.

Be careful what reports you believe

One report had pointed toward the team beefing up the defense and the rushing attack, in the hopes of becoming a ball-control team.

That could still happen, but signing Pryor helps the passing attack immediately. The Redskins are currently surrounded by fan hysteria/panic, fake news reporting, and media outlets with random axes to grind looking to take any jab they can, so be careful what you believe as a fan right now. It’s important to be informed on certain subjects, but realize the word “report” at the beginning of a headline does not mean the story inside is going to be one hundred percent true all the time.

At the same time, the Redskins are in a current state of unknown in terms of just who the general manager of the team is. It has been clarified that the normal staff that handles contracts and negotiations (Eric Schaffer) is still in place, a job now former GM Scot McCloughan did not do, but it’s unknown when the general manager position will be filled.