John Wall is in just his 7th season in the NBA, and at 26 years old, Wall is looking better than ever, averaging a career-high in points at 22.9 a game, along with career numbers in assists at 10.8 per game. These statistics make John one of the best point guards in the league, and one of the best defensive point guards in the NBA also, proven by his 2 SPG and 0.7 BPG averages. This outstanding season from John Wall could have something to do with the mentorship he has received from LeBron James.

John Wall talks about LeBron's impact on his journey

John Wall appreciatively commented on the effect King James has had on him: Saying:

"He's had a big impact, he's kind of just been a mentor to me and talking to me and me just getting opportunity to pick his brain about certain things. He's been in a lot of positions I've been in... when I feel like I need help in a situation and it's something he's been through I call and talk to him."

Who could have known, that All-Star Point Guard John Wall had regular phone conversations with the kid from Akron. John talked about the conversations he and LBJ would usually speak about. A lot of the time the media's criticism would get to Wall, and LeBron would just tell him, 'whether the media does or doesn't praise you, don't let it kill your confidence and take you down." LeBron advised Wall to just keep playing his game, and do what he feels is best for himself.

LBJ would also teach him about what it means to be a true professional both on and off the court. Knowledge that Washington's point guard has taken into consideration.

LeBron is the perfect mentor

John Wall is not the only player that has suggested LeBron is a guy he often reaches out to. Pelicans star, Anthony Davis, has been brought up by The King when discussing players he shares a strong relationship with.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is another player who has mentioned LeBron James as a role model. Many young players seem to look up to LBJ, and often, The Chosen One will share his wisdom with the younger generation. The league currently has more young talent than ever before, and we can attribute partial thanks for that to LeBron James.