Anthony Davis is having a career season, averaging career bests in points at 27.7 per game and rebounds at 11.8 per game. To go along with 2.1 Assists Per Game, 1.2 steals per game and 2.2 blocks per game, while shooting over 50% from the field. LeBron James is having himself a career year also. In his 14th season, King James is averaging career highs in rebounds per game at 8.3 a contest. And in assists per game at 8.8 a contest. While LeBron and Anthony both coincidently are sharing career seasons, they also both share a healthy relationship with each other.

LeBron James on Anthony Davis

LeBron James recently spoke on his relationship with New Orleans Pelicans star, Anthony Davis, saying:

"Our relationship is really good. I've been knowing him since he was in high school. I've been in communication with him since he was in high school. So, I call myself like a big brother or a father of these young guys."

LeBron seems to be the big brother for a lot of the young superstars in the league. Giannis Antetokounmpo also talked about LeBron being a role model to not only himself but other young NBA players. It doesn't surprise me that these young players are becoming so successful when they have LeBron James to lean on for help and advice. Giannis just 22 years old and Davis just 24 years old are having career-best seasons, and are yet to reach their prime.

And with being King James there for them, their careers can only get better. Just ask Kyrie Irving. Who recently celebrated his 25th birthday. Kyrie went from a superstar to a champion, because of the mentorship of The Chosen One.

Davis can benefit greatly from this relationship

Anthony Davis should be grateful for the position he is currently in.

Not every young player in the NBA gets to share phone numbers with King James, and have a strong relationship with him. Anthony can also rely on LeBron to give him tips or advice in most situations that Davis comes across. Coming straight out of high school into the NBA, dealing with adversity his whole career. LeBron James has been through it all and is certainly someone you can rely on to take advice from. Being a young player, AD has lots of years to grow. It's scary to think of the future that this man might hold, considering what he's already done in this league!