In their last game, the Houston Rockets broke the Record for most three-point shots made in a single season. Even though they made only 8 long-range shots in the game, it was more than enough to break the previous record, which was set by the Golden State Warriors last year.

The Rockets are taking over 40 three-point shots per game this season, and they are also on a pace to break the record for most three-point shots attempted.

Houston Rockets have amazing three-point shooters

Houston Rockets roster is filled with incredible three-point shooters and they have at least six players who can knock down long-range shots on a consistent basis.

The best shooter on the team is Eric Gordon, who has made 228 three-pointers this season on 38.0 percent success rate. James Harden has made eight more shots than Gordon, but his percentage is 3.1 percent lower.

Besides these two great shooters, the Rockets also have Ryan Anderson, Trevor Ariza, Patrick Beverley and their latest addition to the roster, the sharpshooter Lou Williams. All of these players are fantastic three-point shooters and their accurate shooting has helped the Rockets set a new NBA record. Besides this record, Houston Rockets also hold the NBA record for most three-point shots made in a single game with 24.

Evolution of basketball

Houston Rockets have successfully adapted to next generation of basketball, and every other NBA team is trying to follow their footsteps.

Basketball has changed a lot during this decade, as more teams started to use three-point shot as their primary weapon. It has come to the point where even centers practice outside shooting, just so they can help their teams stretch the floor and score a three-point shot in the situations which require it.

Even though the Rockets set a new record in three-pointers, it is unlikely that they will hold it for a long time.

The game of basketball has changed drastically and we can expect this record to be broken next year already. However, Houston Rockets have seven more games to play which means that they will separate themselves from rest of the teams even further. Their record won't be easy to break, but with the way the game has changed, a lot of teams might be close to breaking it very soon.