LeBron James has been in the league a long time, 14 years to be exact and he has been through many great stretches and many bad stretches of basketball. The stretch right now that the Cleveland Cavaliers are going through, especially considering their talent level, is one of his worst. The Cavs have lost 5 of their last seven games, giving up a significant amount of points per game to the opposition. This shows that the Cavaliers are out of their norm defensively, especially in the month of March. This could be due to the injury sustained by Andrew Bogut, or because Larry Sanders is surfing through the D-league.

These two big men could be huge factors in the Cavaliers' interior defense, but neither have been able to play. The kid from Akron had a thing or two to say about the Cavs recent struggles, expressing his thoughts after the Cavs 99-93 loss to the Chicago Bulls at the United Center.

LeBron James makes a comment on the situation

LeBron James was interviewed after the Cavs loss, looking frustrated LeBron stated:

"We're just in a bad spot right now. Not disappointed with the effort. We're just in a bad spot; we're going to try to figure it out."

LeBron admits to the Cavs being in a funk right now, while he doesn't associate it to the effort of the group, it just seems that right now nobody is playing to their capabilities.

The concentration and attention to detail weren't, saying: "The effort was there. I just don't think the concentration for as close to 48 minutes is there yet. Which is unfortunate."

Can the Cavs turn it around before the playoffs?

The Cavs have just eight games before the playoffs start. A place they are very familiar with, especially LeBron James.

But usually, at this time of the season, LeBron-led teams are in form, and on fire heading into the postseason run. This year, though, seems a bit different. The Cavs are not looking great heading into the postseason, a team that is expected to make the finals every season. But Cleveland is not a team we should count out, they still have two weeks to get their act together before the postseason, and the greatness of LeBron James has proven them wrong every time. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.