Miami Heat have had a lot of ups and downs this season, but they are still playing incredibly well and giving their best to make the playoffs. The Heat broke the franchise Record in three-pointers in the game against the Detroit Pistons. Even though they made only five three-pointers in this match, that was more enough to set the new record.

With seven games left in the season, the Miami Heat have 731 three-pointers, and they could get that number to 800 before the season ends.

Miami Heat are a three-point shooting team

It has become clear that the Heat have turned into a three-point shooting team as they are taking a lot more long-range shots this season than they have done ever before.

The Heat had never taken more than 1865 three-point shots in a single season, and this year they have taken 2015 such shots, in only 75 games. Their previous record in three-pointers made was set in 2013 when they made 717 threes, on the franchise-best 39.6 percent shooting.

Since losing Dwyane Wade last summer, the Miami Heat have found other ways to be effective on offense and win games. They added a few three-point shooters to the team, including Wayne Ellington and Luke Babbitt, who have been making their shots on a consistent basis, helping the Heat break the franchise record.

Heat are having a historic season

Beside breaking their franchise record in three-pointers, the Miami Heat could become the first in NBA history to make the playoffs after starting the season with 11-30 record.

The first half of the season was awful for Miami as the team won only 11 games, which was the second-worst win total in the entire league.

The Heat have flipped the switch after first 42 games, and they are the seventh seed in the East right now. Their 13-game win streak is the longest win streak in the NBA this year, and they have been one of the best teams in the second half of the season.

With seven games left on their schedule, this record-breaking Heat team should have enough fuel left in their tank to finish the season strong and make the playoffs. Considering how good the Heat have been lately, they could be a potential first-round upset in the postseason.