The Green Bay Packers have officially admitted they are in the market for a running back. While this might be old news to most fans of the team, who have known running back was a position of need since the offseason started. Ted Thompson finally joined the chorus voices who had been claiming the Packers had a glaring weakness at the position but he still won't officially entertain the idea of bringing in one of the better running backs in the NFL. At the very least he won't openly talk about bringing Adrian Peterson to Lambeau.

Owners meeting brings straight talk from Green Bay Packers GM

While attending the owners' meeting in Phoenix on Monday, Thompson told the media "we need some more guys," when talking about the running back situation. He made it clear the RB1 position isn't the only spot that needs some attention in Green Bay. "We're a little short in a couple of areas. So from a personnel standpoint, we've got to get some more bodies. But we like the guys that we have, it's just that we'd like to get some more." He added.

Clamming up when it comes to Adrian Peterson

Despite his admission that the team is looking for running backs, Thompson grew very quiet when asked whether Peterson is on the radar. "We don't talk about players that are not on our team," he said.

"We never have. We never will. It doesn't serve a purpose, I don't think." Thompson said curtly.

Peterson is not the only Free Agent running back still on the market. Jamaal Charles is also still available to all comers. So far, it doesn't appear the Green Bay Packers have convinced themselves a veteran free agent is the way to fill their roster holes.

Most of the veterans on the market have many of the same problems in common. Peterson, Charles and others are all going to have to prove they can stay healthy if they want to draw real attention.

Acquiring through the draft

Part of the reluctance when it comes to naming Adrian Peterson is that the Green Bay Packers are well aware there are talented players in this year's draft. Someone like Dalvin Cook, should they still be available, is quite a bit more attractive than the baggage that comes along with someone like Peterson.