The Green Bay Packers have made no bones about the fact the team is going to be looking for a new running back heading into the 2017 season. When Eddie Lacy decided he was going to sign with the Seattle Seahawks, the team suddenly realized it had a number of different options. One of those options appears to be bringing in a former division rival in Adrian Peterson. Peterson has been a lifelong Minnesota Viking but it appears he's ready to head to a new team. Despite an injury-plagued 2016 season, he's likely the most attractive running back on the free-agent market.

The longer he's on the market, the better the chances

Adrian Peterson isn't a shoo-in to be a member of the Green Bay Packers, there are more than a few people that think the longer Peterson is on the market, the higher the chances he'll head to Lambeau. Rob Demovsky of has posited the theory there are two teams that are going after the Pro Bowl running back this offseason. If Peterson does end up wearing green and gold, it's likely because there just weren't too many suitors in the long run. A mixed bag of history of injuries has made the once sure Hall of Famer's asking price is too costly for some teams. The question now is whether or not the Packers are going to outbid the other possible landing spot.

The Oakland Raiders still on the radar

While the Green Bay Packers are considered to be among the best landing spots for Adrian Peterson, the Oakland Raiders are also said to be going after the running back. The Raiders recently saw their starter trade teams during the free agent period and they too, are in the market. Like Green Bay, the Raiders have been thought to be looking to replace Latavious Murray through the draft.

Also like the Green and Gold, the Raiders would not dismiss out of hand, the prospect of getting such a talented veteran runner falling into their lap. The question, for both teams, is just what the asking price for Peterson is going to be and whether it will be affordable enough to ignore his history.