Super Bowl LI, called the biggest sports event of the year from NRG Stadium. The New England Patriots versus the Atlanta Falcons. Tom Brady, Patriots heading up against Matt Ryan, Falcons in Houston Texas. From the commercials -- that cost millions -- to the snacks during the game, this is the biggest game of the year. Starting at 3:00 pm PT we welcomed NFL hall of famers, then to Luke Bryan's National Anthem, then to President George Bush's coin toss.

The 1st half

The first quarter: A peaceful quarter started off with no score and no major passes.

A quick quarter.

Second quarter: This quarter is when the Atlanta Falcons woke up. They went 6-0 then to 14-0 then to 20-0 by 2:21 in the second quarter they were winning 21-0, with two touch downs being interceptions. By this time Tom Brady and his quiet gang of Patriots were just letting things blow by them. By 4 seconds left in the second the Patriots and three tries but no go, so their kicker scored a 3 point field goal. The first half ended with a small exchange, but so far a nonaggressive game. 21-3 Falcons

Pepsi No Sugar half time show

Featuring "Music's biggest moment" Lady Gaga gets her share in this half time show. From Million Reasons to Polka Face. Opening with This Land is Your Land, then to a quick segue to Polka Face.

A bright sparkling dress and a lot of dancers on stage makes for a good halftime show (No apparent Lip-syncing). She also performed her new hit, A Million Reasons. She ended the show on a good note, no wardrobe incidents, and no major lip-syncing, only track delays.

Second half

Third quarter: Patriots kick it to Falcons but a quick return to the Patriots after a 1234 no gain.

This quarter is where Matt Ryan threw the longest pass. Helmet mask gets stuck between a Patriots player and a Falcon. Patriots get their first touchdown, and for the extra point, the kicker missed, making it 9-28. Then a failed on site kick when the ball hit the kicker, Stephen Gostkowski touched the ball on his knee.

Fourth quarter: After 2 more sacs on Brady, 2 of which this quarter were by Jarrett.

After a good run was ended by Tom Brady's mistakes, Gostkowski ends the part with a 3 point field goal. 12-28. Then a touch down from out of nowhere, then the 2 point conversion makes it 20-28. Then Matt Ryan gets sacked. After a touchdown then a very important 2 point conversion that could make or break the Patriots chance.... ends up what the hey a flag on the field, and to was an offside against the Flacons, so the patriots got it, so they caught up form 21-0 to by the end of the fourth quarter 28-28. Sudden death as this game enters the first overtime in Super Bowl history.

The end

The biggest sports event of the year ends with a 34-28 win by Patriots. The sweat, hate, fear is all worth it.

From the kids at home to fans at the game, congratulations Patriots. Behind Tom Brady the Patriots with their most Super Bowls, most fear, and lots of sacs. We conclude tonight after Super Bowl LI, Patriots.