Now that the Nebraska football team can fully turn its attention to the 2018 recruiting class, there are a couple of players that stand out among the pack. We've heard an awful lot in the last couple of years about "Calibraska," the attempt by the Husker coaching staff to establish a very firm pipeline between California and Nebraska. It appears there may be another pipeline forming in one of the most unlikely of states. Delaware is hardly one of those states that is thought of as talent rich when it comes to Division 1 football but it appears Concord High is becoming quite the football factory.

Following Avery Roberts to the Nebraska football team

One of the earlier commits in the 2017 recruiting class for the Huskers was inside linebacker avery roberts. A four-star prospect, Roberts is already on campus in Lincoln and it appears he might be playing a role in getting one of his former teammates to join him. Runningback Grahm "Bam Bam" Roberts put together a monster season as a junior at Concord High and it turns out he's pretty high on playing for Nebraska. It's a safe bet it's going to help that the Roberts boys are indeed related, with Avery being the older sibling.

The Huskers' competition

While the Huskers look to be the odds-on favorite to get Grahm Roberts, there is some competition among some of the better teams in the country.

Considering the younger Roberts seems to combine good speed with impressive strength when it comes to contact, it shouldn't surprise that the Huskers aren't the only ones going after Delaware's second-ranked player. North Carolina has joined the Nebraska football team in offering Grahm a scholarship, and it appears Penn State is quite interested in the senior-to-be as well.

This is why it's so good to have Bam Bam's older brother already in the fold. Using the linebacker as an extra recruiter seems to be paying off so far. While the running back hasn't tipped his hand on a commitment date, he did recently retweet a video put together by Nebraska aimed at getting even more recruits interested in the program.