Roger Federer, the tennis legend who is aged 35 is still garnering one of the top spots in the International tennis ranking, and he continues to be more competitive than never before while playing against the younger generation players. In a recent interview to the Tennis Smash website, Federer revealed his secrets of longevity and health.

Unending love towards tennis

When asked about his incredible performance on the court, Federer told that it is his love towards the game which keeps him going quite easily while playing important matches. He also added that if people do not love the things which they do, then things will not be that easy.

Maintain career and personal life in the healthiest way

According to Federer, scheduling his career properly is one of the key factors which help him to stay successful in the Tennis world. Roger Federer told that taking enough breaks and holidays is something which helps him to perform better on International circuits. As per Federer, working out a lot in the gymnasium will not make you competent in the courts. Instead, it is always recommended to make yourself involved in practice sessions.

Stay in a healthy family environment

Roger Federer also revealed that following a healthy diet is very much necessary to make yourself fit and strong.

Moreover, it is nothing but a healthy family environment which plays a crucial role in determining the overall physical and mental wellbeing of a person.

According to Federer, his family environment has a positive effect on him. He told that his family members including his wife were so helpful in molding his career. Roger revealed that the relationship with his better half was so much satisfying, and it is one of the main reasons behind his professional success.

Federer has a record of winning 18 Grand Slam titles, the most in the history of a tennis player, he also held the World No.1 spot for 302 weeks. Federer beat Rafael Nadal to win the Australian Open 2017 last month. Roger and his wife have four children.