There is no doubt that the current season of men's tennis is set to amaze especially after what Australian Open put on the table. With Nadal and Federer back on the ATP Tour, the picture seems complete thus increasing the odds of a worth-to-remember season. The ATP calendar is on a roll with the first swing on the hardcourt.

Roger Federer is set to make appearances at the biggest ATP events of March having Indian Wells and Miami as the main targets. Prior to the American outdoor hard swing, he will play in Dubai.

According to the official schedule, Federer will play 3 ATP tournaments over one-month length.

Some questions might arise revolving around whether or not Federer could sustain such an effort. We did win the Australian Open a while ago, but six months break means that his body might not be as fit as it looks.

A drop-off is possible

Besides the 18th Grand Slam singles title, the Australian Open also gave Federer a burst in the ranking having the Swiss star back in the top 10. With few points to defend from the last season, Federer is expected to keep the upward trend for the rest of the season. Wimbledon is the sole event where he'll need to protect last year's result which was a semifinal.

With a steady ranking acting as a solid background, Federer might choose to drop-off some upcoming ATP events.

A reckless behavior in terms of scheduling his upcoming events could jeopardize whatever is left of his career as a professional tennis player.

His longtime rival, Rafael Nadal seems to have chosen the safest route. The Spaniard, who dramatically lost to Federer in the Australian Open final, withdrew from Rotterdam, an indoor ATP event Federer frequented in the past winning it eight times.

The Spaniard justified his move as he needs to give his body an extra recovery time.

Federer already did the impossible

To compete at the highest level following a 6-month break is simply stunning. To make it all the way to the top in just two weeks is like adding some extra spices to your favorite dish. And Federer did it in no time in such a natural manner.

Moreover, he accomplished that when everyone had no expectations whatsoever.

A carefully planned schedule for the rest of the season is what Federer needs now in order to prolong his professional career.