As March Madness approaches many sports fans become excited about their college team getting to the big dance. Other sports fans get excited about filling out a NCAA basketball bracket and possibly winning a lot of money. Filling out a bracket has become a tradition to many fans, celebrities, other athletes, and even one former president. There is one president who is just not interested in talking about the big dance.

No basketball picks for President Trump

This coming March, President Donald Trump will not fill out a NCAA basketball Tournament Bracket for either the men or the women.

ESPN reached out to the President's staff and invited him to fill out a bracket on-camera; President Trump passed on the idea. A statement issued from an ESPN spokesperson states: “We expressed our interest to the White House in continuing the presidential bracket. They have respectfully declined.” ESPN executives had a feeling that once there was a presidency change, the March tradition might stop. According to the Washington Post, an email issued to them from White House spokeswoman Hope Hicks states: “We look forward to working with ESPN on another opportunity in the near future.” This shouldn't be a surprise to many people, President Trump doesn't have the time to follow sports and is not as passionate about it as former President Barack Obama is.

President Obama 8 year bracket picks

Since the year 2010, President Obama participated in bracketology and filled out a NCAA basketball bracket. Many sports fans tuned into ESPN in March every year to watch President Barack wrongfully pick the championship winner. Many people believed bracketology was a success with President Obama because he was a big sports fan.

In 2016, Barack picked the Kansas Jayhawks to win it all, the actual winner was the Villanova Wildcats. He picked the Jayhawks to win it all three separate times during his presidency. The way Kansas is playing right now and with stud Josh Jackson balling on another level, there is no doubt that if the former president had to pick a winner for the NCAA men's basketball tournament, he would pick the Kansas Jayhawks again.