Over the course of years we have seen many people transition from one career into politics. Arnold Schwarzenegger went from actor to the Governor of California. Jesse "The Body" Ventura went from a professional wrestler to the Governor of Minnesota, and most recently Donald Trump transitioned from business man to the 45th President of the United States. Now we have comedian, singer, actor, philanthropist, and radio talk show host in Joe Piscopo looking at running for Governor. Piscopo is from the Garden State of New Jersey and has thoughts on governing it.

His decision on whether he wants to run or not, and for what party can be determined by next week.

Political savvy

Joe Piscopo is a highly sought out celebrity who is best known for his roles on "Saturday Night Live" portraying Frank Sinatra and Ronald Regan in the 1980's. He can now be heard weekdays from 6 am-10 am on AM970's The Answer radio station delivering headline news and opinions. He can also be seen and heard on national news networks such as Fox News & MSNBC. A former life-long Democrat, Piscopo has transitioned from a Democrat to an Independent. This is a party Piscopo may be leaning toward running as but is uncertain at the moment. He feels he can galvanize the 2.5 million voters who are listed as "Independents" into voting for him.

Piscopo's passion for running for Governor is "for the people." The 65-year-old states, “the journey has laid itself out, and I see there’s a lot of support for someone like me to get in, I’m doing my due diligence."

Piscopo for the people

If Joe decides to run, he will campaign throughout the entire summer. Current Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie's term ends in January 2018, and he has held this position the past 7 years now.

Piscopo, a God-fearing catholic, has stated many times on his radio show "The Joe Piscopo Show" that New Jersey is in turmoil. He discuss having "Democracy Direct" sites where voters can log in and express their concerns. Joe is looking at turning things around for the state he has a lot of love for. His primary purpose is "the people." He has a campaign slogan which would go well with him running for office -- "Piscopo for the People!"