Protesters were out and about at United States airports all weekend, rallying against the refugee/immigration ban implemented by Donald Trump's executive action. The intention was to draw attention to the issue and to some degree, disrupt travel as a means of protest. They were successful and are now facing backlash from some, including noted ESPN anchor Sage Steele.

Steele's missed flight

On Sunday, Steele was set to fly from Los Angeles to Houston, presumably to join the coverage of this week's Super Bowl LI for ESPN. When arriving at the airport, she was faced with hundreds of protesters who were blocking many of the main entrances to the airport, forcing Steele and others to try and walk around the masses with their luggage, which the anchor suggested was about a two mile sojourn.

Steele ended up missing her flight and lashed out at the protesters in response on Instagram, citing the unfortunate situation people with means less fortunate than herself found themselves in by missing their own flights. She supported the right to protest, but clearly didn't agree with the manner in which it occurred. ESPN didn't have any immediate comment about her post.

Not her first controversy

Steele has landed herself in hot water for comments involving protesters in the past, most famously when she called out Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans for kneeling during the national anthem, he stance he later backtracked from. People criticized the ESPN host's remarks based on her complexion (she's biracial) and the white privilege she may be afforded by being married to a white man.

Steele is one of the more prominent women and people of color on ESPN. She hosts the "NBA Countdown" show on the weekend and once hosted "SportsCenter," the flagship show of the network. She has also contributed to other major shows, such as "First Take" and "Mike & Mike." Her comments on protesters may not lose those shows any fans, but she won't be able to hide from her remarks for long as a public figure.