Former Nebraska Football star Ameer Abdullah had to sit out almost the entire 2016 season after suffering a foot injury. Those kinds of injuries are especially scary for players like Abdullah, because he requires the ability to make quick cuts and burst through holes to be productive. When it became clear the runningback wasn't going to be making it back to the field for the Detroit Lions this season, there were likely plenty of people nervous that this injury was one that was going to linger.

NFL defenses will have to fear Ameer again

In what can only be good news, the former Nebraska football star posted a video to his Instagram account recently that showed he was able to make the cuts, as well as the jumps that have made him one of the best young runners in the NFL.

The Detroit Lions were planning on making him their featured back before he suffered the injury and one has to wonder what their playoff chances might have been, if they had been able to keep him or get him healthy.

There's very little doubt that the Lions could have used another running back once they got into the playoffs and needed to be able to become a bit more two dimensional. With Abdullah apparently healing from this injury in good order, the NFL could be looking at a very formidable team in 2017.

Nebraska football wants to find the next Ameer Abdullah

Ameer was easily the most impressive running back to come through Lincoln in quite some time, though even for the Huskers, injury problems got in the way from time to time.The inability to get someone at the talent level of Abdullah, who rushed for nearly 600 yards in 2015, when he was indeed healthy, it appears 2017 could be the year where he really breaks out.

This kind of player doing what he can do in the NFL is only going to help the Nebraska football team recruit potential NFL runningbacks moving forward.

The Detroit Lions' running back has also shown an ability to catch the pass out of the backfield. Having a healthy foot is going to go a long way toward allowing him to turn it up field. It will also help him get more yards on screen passes. All of this is good news for Lions' fans, as well as Nebraska football fans following his career.