The Nebraska Football team has offered yet another scholarship to a member of the 2018 recruiting class. This time the Huskers are actively going after a linebacker in the form of Bo Calvert that is already committed to another school. In fact, Calvert has been committed to USC since April of last year, but it appears Mike Riley and company have sensed a chink in the armor. It's not clear exactly what made the Cornhuskers think Calvert might be ready to move, but it's a safe bet the school will go hard after the linebacker.

Solid junior year

When you look at the kind of stats Bo Calvert has put up so far, it's not a real surprise the four-star linebacker is a wanted commodity by the Nebraska football team as well as others.

Calvert logged an impressive 61 tackles and seven for losses in 2016. Even more impressive than the way he got around the field, is the way he got to the quarterback. Calvert put up a whopping 11.5 sacks.

Even more impressive than that is when he didn't get all the way to the quarterback, he was able to put a scare into them. The Nebraska football recruit also had 11 hurries. Those numbers are both quite a bit more than what he saw in his sophomore year. It appears his high school coach realized what a weapon the Oaks Christian player could be on the field.

The competition

The Nebraska football team is going head-to-head with USC, but those two schools aren't the only ones going after Calvert.

While the Trojans have been the odds-on favorite to win the linebacker's services for quite a while now, it appears there are other schools that believe they can steal him away as well. One surprise so far, is that according to 247Sports, only four schools have offered him a scholarship.

In addition to the Nebraska football team, Virginia and BYU have also made it clear that they would like the California player to come to their school. The good news for the Huskers is that the only school really nearby is USC. If the Cornhuskers can find a way to lure this linebacker away, it would be a great addition to the class.