The NBA trade deadline is this week and there have already been some major transactions made with DeMarcus Cousins heading to New Orleans and Serge Ibaka now with the Raptors. The Boston Celtics are the team with the most valuable assets to offer but haven't pulled the trigger on a deal yet. With the deadline just a few days away will the Celtics look to make a move?

Celtics looking to deal?

The Boston Celtics have been linked to several players in recent weeks including Paul George, Blake Griffin, and Jimmy Butler. Out of those players, Butler is the guy the team covets the most.

Chicago is rumored to want a pair of first round picks, a prospect and a rotation player if they are going to trade Jimmy Butler. The Celtics can offer a more valuable package than any other team. They could propose a deal that would send Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart, and two first round picks to the Bulls in exchange for Butler. It sounds like the Celtics would be giving up a lot and they would be but it would allow them to possibly contend for a championship right now. Butler could slide right into the lineup and immediately upgrade the starting unit. A core of Isaiah Thomas, Al Horford, and Butler would be very strong in the mediocre NBA Eastern Conference. Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge has already made it clear that if a deal comes along that would allow the team to get a superstar and become contenders that he would make it happen.

Blake Griffin on Boston's Radar

Blake Griffin is another superstar player that the team has inquired about according to league sources. The Los Angeles Clippers may be looking to move one of their franchise cornerstones ahead of his impending free agency this summer. They may feel like the best option is to try and move Griffin now and get something valuable in return instead of watching him walk away for nothing.

The Clippers would want a package including Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart or Avery Bradley, and draft picks. The ransom is pretty high but for a player of Griffin's caliber it could be worth it especially if they can convince him to resign with the team. Griffin would form a devastating front court duo with Al Horford and give them another go to scorer outside of Isaiah Thomas.

In actuality Griffin would probably be a better fit for the Celtics than Jimmy Butler because of the team's weakness at the power forward position.

With two days to go before the deadline passes, expect the Celtics to increase their activity on the trade market and possibly pull off a blockbuster trade that may propel them to the NBA finals. With all the assets they have to offer it would be pretty surprising if they didn't make a move.