Karl Towns Sr. father of Minnesota Timberwolves superstar Karl Anthony Towns is looking into a potential lawsuit against his sons team and their mascot. The elder Towns was injured during an incident with the teams mascot "Crunch" at an NBA game against the Pacers at the Target Center on January 26th.

NBA superstar's dad injured at game

Karl Towns Sr. was enjoying an NBA game at the Target Center watching his son superstar center Karl Anthony Towns play when the unthinkable happened. He got a severe knee injury while sitting in his chair. The Minnesota Timberwolves mascot "Crunch" was doing his normal routine of sliding down the arena steps on a sled when he crashed into an empty row of seats, which caused them to crash into Towns Sr.'s leg, causing a considerable amount of pain.

Towns Sr. did not leave the game but remained in his seat. He then began to notice a great deal of swelling in his knee to the point where he could not stand or put weight on his leg. He ended up leaving the arena on crutches and went to a local hospital for further examination and an MRI. The injury appears to be quite serious, because three weeks later at NBA All Star Weekend, he was still wearing crutches so it could be something that lingers for quite a while. Jon Krawczynsk of the Associated Press had this to say about Towns Sr's injury and "Crunch" the mascot. "I've seen Crunch slide down the arena steps for 20 years and never seen someone get hurt. Wrong place, wrong time." That may be true but the fact is that it happened and it obviously happened to the wrong person.

Ramifications of a potential lawsuit

If Karl Towns Sr. does indeed decide to pursue a lawsuit against the team it could definitely hurt the team image simply because of who he is. It could also put a black cloud over his son which also would not be a good thing. The person that performs as "Crunch" could potentially lose his job if Towns Sr.

goes through the legal routes. The Minnesota Timberwolves could also be on the hook for a substantial amount of money due to negligence. This situation could get ugly really quickly and the ball is Karl Towns Sr.'s court for now.