The NBA trade season was lackluster, as no big names moved around before the deadline this past Thursday at 3 p.m. What is probably more interesting is buyout season, where players buyout of their current contracts and after they clear waivers it's fair game, as any team can sign that player. One of the players looked at closely was Mavs guard Deron Williams, as he was looked at by the Cavs as a backup point guard option. Well that speculation might come to fruition, as he cleared waivers and is expected to sign with the Cavs on Monday according to multiple reports.

The right piece

If Williams does in fact sign with the Cavaliers, they will finally have all they pieces they need in order to have a realistic shot at beating the tank called the Golden State Warriors. They Cavaliers let the backup guard Matthew Dellavedova leave in free agency going to the Milwaukee Bucks. This had an effect on the Cavs, as they didn't have a backup point guard behind Kyrie Irving. This resulted in LeBron having to play more minutes as he is the next closest thing to a backup point guard for the Cavs.

LeBron has been vocal with the Cavs need for a point guard. If you remember in January when the Cavs were playing mediocre basketball, James said that they needed a playmaker in order to make a run for a back-to-back championship.

He even specifically asked for a point guard in one interview. LeBron can rest easy, as his voice was heard and he will be getting that point he has been crying--I mean asking for over the past month.

Williams last shot

Deron Williams expressed his desire to sign with the Cavs as this might be his last shot of trying to capture that elusive championship.

He was even rumored to maybe be traded to Cleveland but that news fell through quickly. Williams is having a decent season, averaging 13.1 PPG and close 7 APG. He won't be asked to log heavy minutes, as he is being brought as a valuable backup point guard option. He will probably play 15-20 minutes a game at the most. Williams hasn't been close to a chip since his days back in Utah, when they lost in the conference finals to the Spurs.

He has been hindered by injuries over his career, specifically ankle problems, but he is ready to contribute to the Cavs team.

Williams hopefully will be signed on Monday so he can suit up for the Cavs game that night. He might be needed that night as LeBron James might be out due to a strep throat which is keeping him out of Saturday night's game against the Bulls. This is a win-win for both parties, as the Cavs get piece the desperately need and Williams gets a decent shot at the title.