The Hardy Boyz have been part of WWE rumors for some time now, ever since leaving WWE and joining the pro wrestling company's only competitor. While it's hard to call Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling much of a competitor in terms of size or revenue, they do have a very popular tag team that WWE would love to have back on the roster.

Right now, the duo is starring in their own extremely popular gimmick over which they enjoy plenty of creative control. However, their contract situation may hint at something big. Could Matt and Jeff Hardy be ready to make a huge return to the company for the "WrestleMania 33" pay-per-view, or will they remain with their current pro wrestling employer?

TNA contract situation

In a recent report from PW Mania, it was noted that the Hardy Boyz current contracts with TNA are expired or "will be in the next week." The tag team stars have been part of a gimmick on TNA where they are the "Broken Hardys." There have been several stories involving the duo having tag team battles out in the middle of nowhere, outside of the typical arena settings. In addition, the Hardys have recently been on a quest to fight the best tag teams around the world.

Matt and Jeff have also reportedly been saying that as of May they won't be able to commit to other events that promoters are trying to get them involved in. That has raised a bit of speculation about the tag team in terms of where they might be as of May, although they've indicated they need to "figure out their next move." If they are saying May is "off limits" it could very well hint at a signing with the larger wrestling company and appearances for WWE.

Big WWE return?

The biggest return for the duo of Matt and Jeff Hardy would be if they were to show up on "the grandest stage of them all." That would be none other than early April's "Wrestlemania 33" in Orlando, Florida. It's unlikely they'd participate in a match at the event, but they could show up to call out either the "Raw" or "SmackDown" tag champs or another team such as The New Day.

As of this report, New Day recently announced they are the official hosts for "WrestleMania" this year.

The speculation for the Hardy Boyz to return to WWE is just that right now, although it was reported by Sportskeeda. The website indicates that Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Dave Meltzer raised the latest WWE rumors with regards to Matt and Jeff as their contract situation hasn't been officially announced. However, the WWE Universe is hoping for their big return in the coming months as they certainly were amongst the most popular tag teams, as well as solo wrestlers on the roster.