Boogie down to New Orleans

Finally, the DeMarcus Cousins trade saga/will he stay or will he go? debate has been put to rest. With DeMarcus Cousins being a prime prospect for NBA trade rumor discussion from the jump, the dust has finally settled in that regard -- and DeMarcus Cousins has wound up in a new uniform.

In the first true blockbuster deal in this NBA trade deadline cycle, the New Orleans Pelicans have acquired the services of the best big man in basketball for essentially chump change. With New Orleans able to retain their already existing franchise player in Anthony Davis, on top of adding another one in DeMarcus Cousins, without significantly handicapping their roster or putting their future in jeopardy, the Pelicans and their fans have to like where they're at with the addition of the now former Sacramento King.

What does the future hold for new-look New Orleans Pelicans?

While they most likely will not be competing for a title this year, odds are good that with the addition of Boogie, the New Orleans Pelicans will likely make a big push down the stretch and see themselves in the playoff picture at the end of the regular season. Added to this, not only does adding Boogie make the New Orleans Pelicans better in the now, it also sets them up for future success. With Boogie being 26-years-old, and Anthony Davis being only 23-years-old, this is essentially setting up the dynamic duo of the future for the franchise.

This is reminiscent of when Shaquille O'Neal was brought over from the Orlando Magic to the Los Angeles Lakers to be paired with rookie Kobe Bryant.

That duo went on to create a dynasty, and, with Davis already an established star and franchise player in his own right, adding Boogie to the mix is only going to bolster their chances for future success.

While it may take some time for the duo to get comfortable with each other, and while there may certainly be some kinks to work out, it's always a good day in the NBA when your franchise lands a coveted trade target -- and the Pelicans have done just that.