As of today, the Top 10 of men's singles has a new face among its old names. David Goffin, a 26-years-old Belgian player, achieved his career highest position as a direct consequence of the ATP event in Rotterdam.

Despite losing the final against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Goffin tops a week of solid tennis at the indoor tournament from Netherlands.

It's always to have some fresh legs at the top in an era widely dominated by a few superstars. Goffin used to be an ATP rising star having great skills under his belt but he seemed a little fragile when it came to big challenges.

Tsonga topped Goffin in 3 sets

The final of the ATP 500 event from Netherlands put face to face Tsonga and Goffin. The opener went on a slide with Goffin being in charge. The Belgian took a solid lead and won the set by 6-4.

The 2nd set was less spectacular than the previous one with few break opportunities. Tsonga, a veteran of the professional tennis circuit, pressed the pedal when things were about to sketch a tie-break. He broke Goffin's serve and took the set by 6-4 pushing the final into a deciding set.

All those harsh battles Tsonga has been through paid off as the Frenchman dismantled the Belgian opposition by 6-1.

For the 31-years-old Frenchman is a great result and also a chance to hope for more success in 2017.

The overall stats between Tsonga and Goffin are now 4-2 for the first one.

Goffin reached an elusive milestone

For a couple of seasons now, the Belgian player has been around the top 10 ATP but he never reached it. For a professional tennis player, to get inside the top 10 is definitely a primary goal.

Unfortunately for Goffin, time flies by pretty fast and his career is almost half done.

But, with the new foundation provided by an improved ranking, he is entitled to hope for a long stay in this top. A better ranking means a better draw with no top seeded players in your way in the early stages of a tournament.

For the mid-term schedule, a top 10 spot could help him consolidate his work or even to move a bit higher if the circumstances will permit it.