The Chicago Bulls unpredictable standing this season is of much concern to fans and patrons of the team. They are easily identified by their undetermined attitude. They are not even sure of what they would make out of their younger players. I think this there lackadaisical does bring out a clear picture of who they really are.

The disadvantages

Building a team around a specific on-count philosophy tend to be at a disadvantage to the team. Though the Bull’s prowess can be seen in what they are best described as the Eastern Conference strongman but that alone is not enough to give them the leading edge and reputation they deserve.

Still on point

Despite all these flaws, the Bulls went ahead and hit the all-star break with a 28-29 record and are comfortably in the seventh position in the Eastern Conference League. They have succeeded in edging Celtics on are 6-1 against Cleveland, Boston, and Toronto this season.

Chicago Bulls have had an impressive performance this season that gave them ten 3-pointers in a game. They were 6- for -25 from long range, which shows that the Bulls were outscored, yet they finally won the game.

Analysis of the Bulls

Most people predicted the long range for the Bulls. They are behind the dominating trend of the NBA since they are not among the eleven of the top team in 3-point percentage which is currently in a playoff.

Possibility for playoffs

There is the tendency that the Bulls can make the playoffs this season. One of the strongest players, Butler has shown enthusiasm that he could be one of the top10 NBA players. Tai Gibson, Robin Lopez, and Felicio are in the solid game and are ranking first in the league in offensive rebounds.

Credibility rating

There are no indications that the 3-point shooting may improve, but encouraging most of the young players to contribute more often could determine the Bull’s overall credibility.

Fans and admirers of this great team are expectant of better performance and a stable identity that would prove critics wrong for their analysis about the Bulls