If you watch the Australian Open, then you witnessed the fallout between Stan Wawrinka and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga during their match on Monday, bordering on unsportsmanlike conduct. During the match, both players were seen arguing with each other while on the sidelines after their first set. Though some who watched the exchange might suggest that Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was at fault for being such a sore loser (as he would end up losing the match in the second set), a recent incident puts a more positive spin on his demeanor. Final score: 7-6.

"Commitment" to losing Australian Open match

According to Deadspin, when they got around to the second Open match, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga looked as if his willpower had left him during the quarterfinal. The reason they felt this was the case was because he seemed to have missed an opportunity that was “gifted” to him, to take control of the game again before he gave up all hope. The context here is that Jo-Wilfried Tsonga simply didn't look like he "wanted it" as much as Stan Wawrinka did.

They referred to the first set at the Australian Open as a tight one, which promised to bring a “long slugfest.” Then it was reported that there was tension on the court, as Jo-Wilfried Tsonga told Stan to stop looking at him, apparently after staring him down over the net.

Wawrinka claimed that he didn't know what he was talking about. During the second set, Wawrinka pulled Tsonga off the court with a deep shot. The mentioned "opportunity" for Tsonga was that he could have held serve, raising him to a score of 4-3. It was at this time that the Frenchman and Stan Wawrinka were 3-3.

Tense moment between tennis players

As to the tension between Jo-Wilfried and Wawrinka, its been an issue since the Australian Open Davis Cup in 2014 when Stan was racking up grand slams. To watch this kind of passionate exchange between the two, one would have to conclude that it could only come from two former friends. The Telegraph also referred to the 2014 Grand Slam, as Jo-Wilfried Tsonga said that he too deserved a Grand Slam.

At the time, it was reported that a celebratory and buzzed Wawrinka said during his press conference that Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's French team got champagne in their locker room because they forgot to bring it to the Swiss' locker rooms. The comment didn't go over very well, and some French players reportedly followed Stan into the restroom at an official dinner later on.

Tsonga's better moment

Even though the relationship between the French player and Stan Wawrinka has been tense for years, both have actually played it down. According to a report by Tennis.com, Jo-Wilfried said that he was frustrated from the first set. He said that his rival wanted to know what he said as Tsonga mumbled something under his breath when they were both sitting in chairs.

The professionalism among athletes generally includes an even-handed relationship between opposing players to prevent tension. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga told the news site that he regrets instigating the aggressive exchange, but that it didn't mean anything, and that they were caught up in the heat of the moment.

Stan also agreed when he was asked about the ordeal. While fans might be interested in the exchange, the image of bad sportsmanship can be devastating, depending on the energy of the game and the player's rank. But even they both exhibited some professionalism when they shook hands after the recent Australian Open match.

Much has been made about his tense exchange with Wawrinka, but things are looking up, as a girl named Guiliana recently sent Tsonga a letter.

According to ESPN W, AO ballkid no. 180: (Guiliana) thanked him for helping her off the court when a ball he served hit her in the face. She also apologized for the times she failed to do her job well, saying that she was ill. Tsonga obviously got the letter, as he tweeted out a thank you in response.