Bracketology is one of the most interesting and difficult things to predict in College Basketball. The tournament committee is normally relatively unpredictable, although Joe Lunardi does tend to do a good job getting it right. Let's take a look at who I would place at certain seed levels if the tournament started today.

Four Seeds: SMU, Butler, Florida State, Duke.

SMU currently holds first place in the AAC and has a 24-4 record. That record is worse than Cincinnati's, but by only one loss. It's hard to understand why Cincinatti isn't getting more respect, but SMU's disrespect is a little more understandable.

They've really only beaten the Bearcats. Still, 24-4 is impressive and should be enough to have SMU placed on the four line. Butler has two huge wins over Villanova this season that have propelled them to this point. Florida State was once a top team in the nation, but tough losses in the ACC have knocked them down from the elite ranks. Duke was expected to be a national title contender this season, but has instead struggled to win multiple games despite their massive amount of talent.

Five Seeds: Purdue, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Creighton.

Purdue lost to Arkansas Little Rock last year and would be in the same position if they do manage to get a five seed this season. This time, Purdue has a better and bigger roster that wouldn't be as vulnerable to upsets.

It's a little hard to figure out West Virginia, which presses all game and easily beat Kansas at home. The Big Ten is much weaker than usual, so Wisconsin's true value isn't yet known. Creighton was on fire early in the year, but suffered some tough losses after Maurice Watson went down with an injury. Now they've gotten back on track.

Six Seeds: Notre Dame, UVA, Michigan State, Maryland.

Notre Dame was one the sneakiest teams in the tournament last season and could easily be one of the sleepers again this year. The Fighting Irish have wins over Louisville, Miami, and Florida State and have very few losses. UVA started the season strong but has completely fallen off a cliff in recent weeks.

With a win over Wisconsin today, Michigan State went from bubble team to safely in the field. They could easily win the Big Ten tournament to further improve their seeding. Maryland plays a lot of close games, but that shouldn't distract college basketball fans from the fact that they win a ton of road games. Don't ever count out the Terrapins in March Madness this year.