The Bills are headed into 2017 with a tough cap situation and a number of free agents. Tyrod Taylor and Stephon Gilmore are two of the biggest names and decisions for the team. Other players like Zach Brown, Lorenzo Alexander, and Robert Woods are impending free agents. The Bills simply don't have the cap space to sign them all. But nobody was questioning whether Lesean Mccoy would be staying in Buffalo.

LeSean McCoy Done in Buffalo?

In a message posted on both Twitter and Instagram, McCoy professed his love for his time in Buffalo. You be the judge.

Does the message below mean that he's done with the team?

It certainly looks like LeSean McCoy is saying thank you and goodbye to the city. And it's really sad to see that as a Bills fan. LeSean McCoy was one of the most productive and memorable players on the Bills last season and I don't think any Buffalo Bills fans want to see him leave.

LeSean's 2016 Season in Buffalo.

McCoy had a special season in Buffalo despite the 7-9 record of the team. His running style featured multiple cuts in space that juked out opposing defenders. McCoy ran for more than 1200 yards and scored a whopping 13 touchdowns within a Bills offense that featured him as much as possible.

The dual threat back was also a major portion of Buffalo's passing game and could frequently be referred to as the team's entire offense.

Was This Really a Farewell Tweet?

There's no clear indication that this means LeSean McCoy will leave Buffalo. On his Instagram page, LeSean can be seen signing autographs for a line of Bills fans that extends way beyond the front door.

He could simply be expressing his love for a city that isn't afraid to support him as much as possible even when the team is losing.

But there's no guarantee that this idea is true either. The Bills really do have a lot of cap issues and LeSean McCoy could potentially be one of the casualties or trade options if Doug Whaley believes it will be beneficial. As a Bills fan, all I know is that I desperately want McCoy to remain a part of the team next year. Please don't leave Buffalo.