The Hardy Boyz have become the key focus of TNA Impact Wrestling and are truly the faces of the promotion. Both Matt and Jeff Hardy are true superstars and have reached a point in their careers where they are more popular than ever before. That is why both WWE and TNA are about to get into a bidding war over the two brothers.

"Broken" Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy have made even bigger names for themselves than ever thought possible. Right now, they pretty much rule TNA, but their contracts with the company do expire in February. Sure, negotiations are likely already underway, but WWE is getting their time in as well in trying to bring the brothers back.

Money could be a huge factor in luring the Hardy Boyz

While they do want to go where they're respected and can perform at a high level, money is going to be a big factor in this bidding war. Jeff Hardy is no stranger to jumping between WWE and TNA, while Matt has been in both companies as well. Both companies want to lock down the Hardy brand, but they are going to have to shell out the bucks to do it.

For quite some time now, TNA has tried to sign the Hardy Boyz to exclusive deals and keep them only with Impact Wrestling. The problem with that is that the brothers have a lot of success and make a lot of money in the indies and simply didn't want to give that up. WWE has the money to give them that would compensate for that lost wage on the independent circuit, but would the Hardys want to lose the freedom?

Dixie Carter's loss of TNA power could come into play

Anthem Sports & Entertainment has stepped in to buy TNA Impact Wrestling, and with that, Dixie Carter is stepping down as chairman of the board. She will take on an advisory position for Fight Media Group, the company which has the sports-related assets for Anthem. No matter what, she won't have nearly as much say in TNA-related business decisions anymore.

Whoever ends up making the business decisions may take it upon themselves to break the bank for the Hardy Boyz. If they see that WWE is looking to take them away, TNA may find it necessary to up their monetary deals by a considerable amount to keep them in-house. This fight over Matt and Jeff Hardy could be one of the biggest free agent battles since the days of WCW vs. WWE.