As National signing day draws ever closer, the Nebraska Football team has some things to feel very good about, and some things to be quite nervous about. On the offensive side of the ball, there's very little doubt that the team is getting a ton of talent. On the defensive side, there's talent as well but there is also uncertainty, with at least one player who has been a commit to the school for quite a while.

Holding on

The Nebraska football team is apparently going to have to hang onto Guy Thomas with both hands if they want the WDE to sign on the dotted line for them.

While the Florida native has not officially said he's not longer going to be a Cornhusker, he has been awful chummy with some other schools. Most recently was a visit to Louisville where Thomas all but said that despite the fact that he's officially committed to the Huskers, there's actually a three-way tie for his services, according to 247Sports.

If Thomas does decide he'd rather go to either Louisville or Pittsburgh it would be a bit of a blow. The defender has been committed to the Nebraska football team since August of this year. One could also look at this as being a bit of an indictment of new defensive coordinator Diaco, who was supposed to be bringing quite a bit of excitement along with him into town.

While he can't be solely blamed, it's safe to say one of his main jobs was keeping guys like Thomas on board.

Is it a geography thing?

While it's always frustrating to see Nebraska lose a football player that's been in the fold for four months, it's possible this is just a situation where geography was just too big of a hurdle.

While the defender isn't looking at any Miami, or even Florida schools, he's got two ACC schools at the top of his list. Perhaps he's realized that he wants to be able to stay in the vicinity, if not the neighborhood where he grew up.

It is, of course, also possible that Nebraska will be able to fight off both suitors and keep him when the smoke clears on Wednesday. One thing's for sure, signing day is going to have some intrigue.