Nebraska football's coaches are trying to make sure that, with just days to go until National Signing Day, they are locking up the players who have said they will suit up for the Huskers. While the team is looking to get new commitments, it wants to make sure the players who have already said they are going to play for Nebraska will be saying that comes the end of the week. One of those recruits the Huskers are quite excited about seeing play for them next fall is in Lincoln this weekend and is loving his visit if his social media posts can be believed.

One of the newest recruits

Tyjon Lindsey had been a target of Nebraska football for quite some time but he originally committed to Ohio State. While he had been a Buckeye for quite some time, but earlier this month he decided he wanted to be a Husker after all. He committed to the team on January 14 but he had not taken an official visit to Lincoln. This weekend, that particular event can be crossed off his bucket list.

Loving his visit

With just days to go until Lindsey can put his name on the dotted line, the Nebraska football team has to be happy with the apparent way in which the weekend is going. If Tyjon's social media posts are any indication, he's quite happy that he's going to be a Husker next year.

The Nevada native tweeted out that he has "fallen in love with Lincoln once again." He added he does not want to leave. A few minutes later he said he couldn't wait until he was able to throw on the red & white.

There is always some concern when you are talking about a recruit that has already changed his commit once during the process.

At the same time, it doesn't appear as though Nebraska football has much to worry about, barring a shocking turn of events.

By most accounts, Ohio State has been told to move on and the wide receiver isn't looking at other schools the way he's looking at the Huskers. There will likely be some drama, especially since he's on the West Coast, but his love of Lincoln, even while there's snow on the ground bodes well for Mike Riley and company.