It's likely Nebraska football fans thought the drama and intrigue over one particular wide receiver in this years class was over when he announced just a few days ago he was decommiting from Oregon State and committing to the Huskers just a few days ago. It turns out that almost immediately after that commitment, new drama ensued.

Tough choices

When the Nebraska football team lost wide receiver Jamire Calvin to the Oregon State Beavers there was a fair amount of shock and surprise. The Army All American game announcement was one of those that seemed to be signaling trouble for the Huskers.

When Calvin later decommitted and announced he was going to be a Husker after all, it seemed like he had found a home.

Unfortunately for Cornhusker fans, it appears as though he might be having second thoughts yet again and could be looking at yet another Pac 12 school. Calvin took to his Twitter account over the last few days talking about how hard the recruiting process was and that making a decision was not as easy as some fans made it appear. He added that "signing day is the only day that matter" which has more than a few Nebraska fans wondering if his proclamation about coming to Lincoln is very much up in the air.

Down to two

Throwing gasoline on the smoking embers of rumors that the Nebraska football team might be losing out on Jamire Calvin was another tweet where he said his "final two" schools were the Huskers and Washington State. Obviously, this isn't the same thing as decommitting from the Big Red, but it's never a good thing to think you've got a player in the fold, only to see him suddenly start to talk about another school.

Oregon State fans can attest to the heartburn that can come from seeing that much-ballyhooed recruit suddenly turn his head towards another suitor. If there is a piece of good news in this story, it's that signing day is just one day away. No matter how things play out, Nebraska fans aren't going to have to wait too long to find out where Calvin is ultimately going to go.