Lane Kiffin may have already accepted the head coaching job at Florida Atlantic University, but he was looking forward to finishing out his career with Alabama. He was hoping to leave with another championship, but that simply won't be happening. As reported by ESPN, Kiffin will not be coaching Alabama as the offensive coordinator in the College Football Playoff title game on Jan. 9, 2017. Kiffin was expected to continue on as the offensive coordinator of Alabama through the end of this season. Apparently, there has been a mutual agreement for the coach and school to split immediately.

Kiffin's replacement is already in place

Steve Sarkisian will take over as the offensive coordinator of Alabama. He was already set to do so for next season, but he is merely going to start the position a bit earlier now. Sarkisian is going to be completely in charge of the Crimson Tide offense for the championship game. This transition of offensive coordinators is expected to be an easy one and Kiffin even said that head coach Nick Saban and Sarkisian get along a bit better.

"I'm not saying it's bad with him at all," Kiffin said to ESPN. "I would say Sark manages people better than I do."

Lane Kiffin leaves on good terms, but the split was unexpected

Nick Saban did say that the choice to move on from Lane Kiffin early was not an "easy decision," but one that was best for the football team right now.

"We made the decision because it was in the best interest of our players, our program and for Lane for him to assume his duties at Florida Atlantic," Alabama coach Nick Saban told ESPN in a statement from the school. "We mutually agreed that this was best for both programs."

Both programs meaning Alabama and Florida Atlantic University.

Lane Kiffin agreed that it has been difficult trying to serve both football programs as needed over the past few weeks. Being able to give his all to his new team while coaching Alabama's offense is no easy task.

The Crimson Tide need someone who is going to be devoted to them entirely for the title game against Clemson next week. That man is obviously going to be Steve Sarkisian -- who is prepped and ready to lead Alabama with Nick Saban, as Lane Kiffin moves on.