The Saturday's episode of Star Plus' β€˜Ishqbaaz’ ends with Shivaya (Nakuul Mehta) taking a gunshot while trying to save Anika (Surabhi Chandna), his wife.

The episode begins with all the members of the Oberoi family in a festive mood wearing colorful and expensive clothes to celebrate the Indian festival Lohri.

The drummers, musicians, are all present there, but one of the artists is carrying a gun in the drum.

Shooter takes aim at Anika to kill her

All are busy celebrating the festival, Shivaay, Anika and others are revolving around the camp fire. Things turn ugly when Tej brings Svetlana to the venue.

He is holding her in his arms to help her walk while she is hugging him. Tej's wife Jhanvi and son Omkara see the scene and get frustrated.

All are busy, taking advantage of this, the gunmen selects his place on the terrace and loads his gun, and takes aim at his target.

Something is wrong with Anika and Shivaay as they are not talking to each other. The gunman aims at Anika and someone or the other keeps coming to speak to her and in front of the shooter.

Shivaay saves Anika, takes the gun shot

Shivaay sees the shooter aiming at Anika and runs to save her. But takes the gun shot on his chest and falls on Anika bleeding. Everyone rushes him to the hospital. The doctor is not sure if Shivaay can be saved as he has some heart problems.

Anika is inconsolable as she collapses and sits down on the floor at the hospital while Omakara and Rudra tells that nothing will happen to Shivaay.

Pinky decides to throw Anika out of the Oberoi Mansion

Shivaay's mother Pinky thinks that her son took the gunshot to save Anika.

The conspiracies that are happening at the Oberoi family is all because of Anika. She moves towards sending her out of the family, but Jhanvi stops her from doing so as it may harm the prospects of Shivaay recovering.

The trailer of Monday;s episode shows Pinky throwing Anika out of the Oberoi Mansion accusing her of creating problems to the members of the family.

The next episode is exciting. Can the doctors save Shivaay whose life is in danger?