The Tuesday's episode of ‘Ishqbaaz’ ends with Shivaya (Nakuul Mehta) saving Anika (Surabhi Chandana), and later she saving him from the trap laid by Svetlana in the forest.

Romi puts a rope around Anika’s neck.

Shivaya hears screams and comes out of the house and finds Anika hanging to the tree. He saves her. He sees the rope tied to the tree and rescues her by cutting the rope with an axe, despite he himself was not feeling well.

Shivaay hugs Anika lovingly

Shivaay takes Anika in his lap and tries to make her conscious. Anika gets conscious and says he saved her life again.

Shivaya wraps her in his arms and Anika too gets clutched to his chest. He then Scolds her lovingly for moving out in the storm and getting strangely hanged to the tree.

Anika moves and speaks with Shivaya as she walks ahead about her getting hanged but does not get a reply from Shivaya. She turns back and finds Shivaye lying unconscious on the ground. Worried Anika screams and takes him in her lap. She tries to make him conscious.

Inside the Oberoi Mansion Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) asks Pinky about family members and discovers Tia is going out of the house. Sahil tells him that he overheard Tia crying and talking to someone over the phone about memories. Sahil tells him that she wasn’t referring to Shivaye but calling someone else.

He can’t remember the full name, but the first letter of the name was ‘D.'

Rudra gets the idea to trap Tia and plays all tantrums to stop her moving out. He asks her to drive her to her mother’s home. Sahil also helps him in the game.

Wednesday's episode:

The show begins with Anika dragging the unconscious Shivaay to a safe place in the thick forest.

She cries and tells that if something happens to him she is going to give up her life and she loves him.

She somehow connects the charger to the phone and calls Rudra and tells him that Shivaay is unconscious and what she should do.

He suggests her that he is allergic to dust and Shivaay carries his medicines always and she should find them. Anika remembers where the medicine is runs again in the jungle.

Anika confesses her love to Shivaay

With great difficulty, she crosses the fallen tree and gets the medicine bag and gives it to Shivaay, They both travel back towards the city after Shivaay gets conscious after some time.

While waiting for Shivaay to get well, she confesses her love for him many times. She is lost while sitting beside him in the car. They final spot Omkara's car and find him unconscious in the back seat.

They both bring him home to the Oberoi Mansion.

The Wednesday's episode ends with Omkara trying to tell something to Shivaay. Maybe about the evil Svetlana's plans.

Its Nakuul Mehta's birthday today (January 18, 2016)